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Electroade was formulated and created with one goal in mind, to help you replenish what you sweat out daily with a natural formula, carefully created with no sugar.

Electroade helps you live a healthy life. Contains natural fruit flavors, electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals, which gives your body what it needs daily to stay healthy and on the move.


We know everyone needs a boost daily, so we also added main vitamins like vitamin C that can help you perform in your workouts, games, practices, at work, and overall on your daily routines.

We love this formula for all the amazing Athletes out there, from the pro soccer league, to the famous high school Quarterback.


But Electroade is more than just an Athlete drink.

It is for the moms that do it all 24/7 and need to keep up daily, for the dads who work all day and want to enjoy an afternoon with the family, for grandma who loves walking with her friends around the neighborhood, for the collage students who need to make it through every mid-term, and for anyone who wants to live a healthy lifestyle without having to change their busy lives.


Power Up - Electrolytes - Recover


Power Up

Advanced Supplement System - Main Ingredients



We know that if Fitness is your talent, performance is a must!

ELECTROADE has been formulated with the right amount of Vitamins and Minerals

to helps you recover faster and perform to your max!






Potassium - There’s a reason marathoners grab a banana after crossing the finish line: Its high potassium content helps nix cramps and speed up recovery. How? The mineral works with sodium to help your muscles and nerves work properly. Plus, it’s the primary electrolyte in intracellular fluid, meaning it plays a big role in balancing water content throughout the body. Consider it essential fuel following a tough workout or a strenuous outing lasting more than an hour. One bottle of ELECTROADE will help you recover as great as a banana.


Sodium - it seems like “sodium” is a swear word in the health-o-sphere — and with its prominence in processed and take-out food, it’s true many people need to cut back. But if you’re into endurance events, by sweating out sodium and hydrating with water alone, you could experience heat cramps or hyponatremia, a low concentration of sodium in the blood that can be fatal in extreme cases. Salty sweaters (who notice a white film on their skin after a workout), heavy sweaters (who produce a high volume of sweat during exercise), people working out in hot, humid temperatures, and endurance athletes need to pay close attention to their sodium intake. For long or grueling sessions, hydrate with ELECTROADE at mid-workout.


Vitamin A -Vitamin A is a water insoluble vitamin meaning it is stored in the bodies fat cells as opposed to the more transient water soluble vitamins (B and C), which are flushed through the system and used along the way. It promotes normal growth and development of the bones and teeth. It stimulates young cells to become mature, specialized cells that produce bone tissue and tooth enamel. Because it aids the repair and growth of body tissues, vitamin A is crucially important to those who exercise regularly.


Vitamin C - Many people work out in chilly conditions suffer from some degree of exercise-induced asthma. This is why Vitamin C is vital for reducing coughing, wheezing and shortness of breathe during and after exercise. It also significantly decreases the likelihood of active people coming down with the common cold.


Calcium - Along with vitamin D, potassium and protein significantly increases bone density — and a strong skeleton is key for any high-impact activity.


Vitamin E - If you’re a gym devotee, you can slash the chance of becoming sick by consuming some of this oily antioxidant. Taking the vitamin has helped lowered the risk of pneumonia by 69% among nonsmokers who exercise, based on recent studies.


Iron - To help your muscles work efficiently, you need to pump some iron — literally! An hour of working out could deplete 5.7% of your level of this mineral, which helps red blood cells carry oxygen to muscles. Losing too much of your stores can result in iron-deficiency anemia, which causes fatigue and zaps your endurance during lengthy sessions.


Vitamin B6, B12, Thiamin, and Riboflavin - Lacking the energy to push out those last few reps? Chances are you’re low on this group of micronutrients, which includes vitamins B6 and B12, thiamin, and riboflavin. The body uses these to convert protein and sugar into energy and to produce red blood cells. Athletes with low levels performed worse during high-intensity exercise.


Magnesium - This mineral is a powerhouse for weekend warriors to pro endurance athletes alike. Magnesium is a component of more than 300 enzymes involved in energy metabolism, plus it plays a role in bone formation. Improved bone density is important for protect yourself from stress fractures during high-impact activities. You lose magnesium through sweat, so hydrate with ELECTROADE before a hard weight-training session or long run.




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